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Stencilled playing cards


Playing cards

United States -- Indiana -- Bloomington



Deck of euchre cards created from catalog cards with stenciled and woodcut images.

This pack of playing cards is printed using the traditional method of printing playing cards. This process was employed for hundreds of years in both Europe and America until the development of more efficient printing methods. Stencils of each suit were cut in heavy cardstock. This cardstock was then covered with layers of oil paint to give it some strength, and then the number (or pip) cards were all stencilled using an opaque, non-sticky ink. The face cards were made using woodblock prints for the outlines, and different stencils to fill in the colored portions. In this deck, I have used the above traditional methods but for my stencil cardstock, used the catalog cards, and then printed the deck on more catalog cards. I liked the idea of juxtaposing these two "outdated technologies" into one cohesive (and potentially usable!) project.


Wolfersberger, Nicole


University of Iowa. Libraries. Special Collections Dept.





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