Actias luna, refuge prayer I

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Actias luna, refuge prayer I


United States -- Iowa -- Iowa City



Assemblage made of indigo-pigmented catalog cards, flax cord, silk thread, and cherry wood.

I am stirred by the relationship between a card’s title and subject as it demonstrates the interconnectedness of ideas. The cards become symbols of our beliefs and intentions, and the inner journeys we take when we release ourselves into the world of paper and words.
I am interested in the dialectic between meaningful silence and the suffering in unintentional speech. The subject cards from a variety of titles allowed me to explore these concepts and the unexpected relationships between them. Actias luna, the luna moth, bears no mouth and yet speaks its wisdom to us by way of quiet flight; it communicates and navigates by way of scent and intuition.
The moth wings and back canvas are made entirely of cards, pigmented with indigo; the moth body of flax cord and silk thread. The box is crafted of naturally weathered cherry wood.


Baum, Kristin Alana


University of Iowa. Libraries. Special Collections Dept.





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