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72. Lincoln to Horace Greeley on southern representatives for peace talks


72. Lincoln to Horace Greeley on southern representatives for peace talks


Telegram from Abraham Lincoln to New York Tribune editor Horace Greeley referring to Greeley's earlier communications regarding potential Confederate peace negotiations, indicating that he had wanted Greeley to send a Confederate representative or representatives to him. Greeley is also notified that Lincoln's personal secretary, John Hay, will be delivering a reply to his letter of July 13th. July 15, 1864. Previously Lincoln had sought Greeley's aid in identifying any Confederate leaders who would accept peace on the term that slavery remain abolished. Autograph Letter Signed.




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Executive Mansion[,] Washington, July 15. 1864 Hon. Horace Greeley[,] New York I suppose you received my letter of the 9th. I have just received yours of the 13th and am disappointed by it. I was not expecting you to send me a letter, but to bring me a man or men. Mr[.] Hay goes to you with my answer to yours of the 13th[.] A. Lincoln