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73. Iowa Adj. Gen. Nathaniel B. Baker to Lincoln on appointment of Capt. Benjamin F. Reno as Quartermaster


73. Iowa Adj. Gen. Nathaniel B. Baker to Lincoln on appointment of Capt. Benjamin F. Reno as Quartermaster


Letter from Iowa Adjutant General Nathaniel B. Baker to Abraham Lincoln recommending appointment of Captain Benjamin Franklin Reno to the position of Quartermaster General in the U.S. Regular Army. Reno was the brother of highly regarded Union General Jesse Lee Reno; he had served as an officer in the 2nd Iowa Cavalry and as a member of Jesse Reno's staff until the general's battlefied death. July 20, 1864. Copy.




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Davenport, July 20, 1864 To His Excellency[,] Abraham Lincoln[,] President of the U.S.[,] Washington D.C. Sir. Allow to trespass upon your time in favor of a gallant officer. Capt[.] B. F. [Benjamin Franklin] Reno[,] now A. Q. M. [Assistant Quartermaster] U. S. A. [United States Army] was formerly clerk in Ordnance Dept[.] under his brother the late lamented Genl[.] [Jesse] Reno of the 9th Army Corps when the Genl[.] had charge of the Ordnance Dept. at Mount Vernon Arsenal Ala. When the authority came for raising the 2d Iowa Cav., Capt[.] Reno was a resident of this state and among the first to volunteer. He was 2d Lt. in that regiment, and subsequently a 1st Lt. Subsequently he resigned and accepted position on the staff of his brother Maj[.] Genl[.] Reno, and was by his brother[']s side when that brave & accomplished fell at the battle of South Mountain. Afterwards Capt[.] Reno was appointed A. Q. M. U. S. A. and is now acting as such at Rock Island[,] Ill. I most earnestly urge upon you the appointment of Capt[.] Reno as Quartermaster in the U.S. regular service. He has proved himself a gallant, brave, capable & efficient officer, and if appointed to the position designated would do no discredit to your administration but on the contrary would reflect credit upon the power that appointed & discharge the duties faithfully & honestly. I have the honor to be With great respect, Truly yours[,] N[athaniel] B. Baker A. G. [Adjutant General] of Iowa