Ft. Des Moines Officers' Quarters

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Ft. Des Moines Officers' Quarters




(front) Ft. Des Moines Officers Quarters, Des Moines, Iowa. (lower left corner) 22430 (back) Souvenir Post Card Co., New York Printed in Germany.

Large trees line a walkway by a row of two-story brick buildings with two covered porches, one on each floor.

Correspondence: Dixon Oct 9 07 / Well today is your / wedding anniversary / and Birth day (sic) how / fast the years sail by / we expect Chas tonight / or tomorrow suppose / Guy (ind) Wells will soon / be with you and us / too. Am anxiously awaiting / for them to come aunt (sic) Jo Address: Mr & Mrs W. S. Hunter / Cranston Iowa / Muscatine Co


ca. 1907


The postcards in this collection were printed and posted before 1923. The Des Moines Public Library has determined, to the best of its knowledge, that this postcard and its text is in the public domain.

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