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Ingersoll Park




Ingersoll Park, Des Moines, Iowa. Logo "IPC&No" 131-10

A white bridge with a small gazebo crosses a lake during sunset, which casts an orange glow on the water.

Correspondence: June 24-08 Dear Inger / We did not stop did / we when we got to Randall. / Knute thought he had / to get to home by noon / and get to Plowing (sic) and / so I said alright (sic) we / could not stay so long / anyway. got (sic) home at / eleven (ind) suppose / you had a good time at the / other wedding by by (sic) Lola Address: Mrs. John Helgeson / Randall / Iowa


ca. 1908


The postcards in this collection were printed and posted before 1923. The Des Moines Public Library has determined, to the best of its knowledge, that this postcard and its text is in the public domain.

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