SUI College of Dentistry, class of 1893-1894

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SUI College of Dentistry, class of 1893-1894


Dental education; Students

University of Iowa. College of Dentistry

United States -- Iowa -- Iowa City



Composite class photo board including faculty and students. No individual photos on this composite board. Class list for 1893: 1. Ashley, Theodore.
2. Ball, James William
3. Fordyce, Benson W.
4. Kulp, Joseph Robinson
5. McNutt, Samuel B,
6. Morgan, Henry Scarf
7. Otte, Julia Amanda
8. Joy, Anna Hamilton
Class list for 1894:
1. Archer, Guy S.
2. Baldwin, Royal Winthrop
3. Belding, Herbert H.
4. Bemis, Oliver Hammond
5. Bernard, Walter Grant
6. Bruner, Charles W.
7. Clark, Mathew
8. Dailey, Howland
9. Evans, Samuel Joy
10. Harris, Addison Arthur
11. Hickey, Mrs. Joseph (Mallie R. Bowman)
12: Hicks, Gard F.
13. Hinkley, Luther Hartley
14. Hollister, Edwin H.
15. Homer, Adele
16. Ingham, Sylvester L.
17. Jayne, William Benaiah
18. Joy, Hollis James
19. McCabe, Wesley Drury
20. McKeeby, Byron Henry
21. Marsh, Edward Valentine
22. Miller, Franklin Elias
23. Orebaugh, Walter William
24. Pegg, William Austin
25. Pherrin, John Bruce
26. Reno, Morgan Culbertson
27. Rose, Joseph E,
28. Rummell, Mrs. Maud Baldwin
(Mrs. Maud Sidney)
29. Thompson, James Irwin
30. Vawter, George A.
31. Wold, William W.


University of Iowa. College of Dentistry; University of Iowa Libraries





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