SUI College of Dentistry, class of 1890 (junior class)

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SUI College of Dentistry, class of 1890 (junior class)


Dental education; Students

University of Iowa. College of Dentistry

United States -- Iowa -- Iowa City



Composite class photo board including faculty and students. No individual photos on this composite board. Junior class list for 1890: 1. Albin, Thomas .G.
2. Anderson John V.
3. Barker, Arthur D.
4. Bement, Benton
5. Bethel, Frank J.
6. Booth, Charles Edward
7. Cobb, Charles M.
8. Coleman, Willard Foster
9. Cook, George Washington
10. Davoll, Fred E.
11. Dingwell, Andrew
12. Dorival, John Hicks
13. Dorman, Charles W.
14. Gibson, Charles H.
15. Glasgow, Nathaniel B.
16. Gluesing, John Wilkes
17. Hildebrand, John Grant
18. Hubbard, John W.
19. Huntley, Guy
20. Jallings, William Harrison
21. Jones, Harriett Mabel
22. Kremer, Claude
23. Kremer, Frederick B.
24. Lamoreaux, Robert E.
25. Low, Fred Hosea
26. Mabee, William Ernest
27. Mandeville, William B.
28. Marlow, George Calvin
29. Morton, Edward B.
30. McCandless, Charles R.
31. McDonald, Wilbur Fisk
32. Haumann, Emil Herman
33. Rogers, Herbert O.
34. Schwartz, George W.
35. Seeley, Samuel Lee
36. Simpson, William H.
37. Summa, Richard
38. Taylor, Edward A.
39. Tiffany, Charles Davis
40. Van Winter, Horatio
41. Van Winter, Perry L.
42. Wallace, Thomas B.
43. Wells, Hattie B.


University of Iowa. College of Dentistry; University of Iowa Libraries





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