Tablet weaving

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Tablet weaving


United States -- New Jersey -- Andover



Textile woven on a tablet of catalog cards.

Card weaving is a very old technique, dating back to the fourth-century BC. What fascinates me with the technique is that it is a simple way to travel with my weaving and the patterning can get complicated quite quickly. What is distinctive about this kind of weaving is that the warp has a twist to it. The material is typically used for strong bands and decorative borders. I had 120 library cards drilled by a local printer . . . and then bonded 5 cards together to make one tablet. There are 24 tablets in this deck. The pattern is created by rotating the cards forward and backward. More complicated patterns can be achieved by flipping the cards or even "shuffling" them. As alumna, I wanted to play with the golden color. I was traveling in Arizona when I bought the materials for this project, and all I could think of at the time was delicious Iowa sweet corn.


Orgren, Sally


University of Iowa. Libraries. Special Collections Dept.





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