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A. J. Small


Arthur J. Small began working for the State of Iowa Law Library on May 1, 1896, and served for 41 years, 6 months, and 12 days. A.J. Small played a crucial role in creating and maintaining a valuable legal collection for the Law Library from it's earliest history. The links below will lead you to the details of this important figure.

Personal Life

About A.J. Small's early years, before he began his pivotal work for the State of Iowa Law Library to his preliminary days at the capitol.

Professional Life

A.J. Small was a very active member of the Law Library community and instituted several dynamic movements that would ultimately make the work of law libraries more efficient and productive.

State of Iowa Law Library

The State Law Library of Iowa has been called one of the most impressive and beautiful libraries in the world. A.J. Small played a large role in creating this valuable collection.