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016_A.C. Bent Letter to Keyes Nov. 4, 1910


016_A.C. Bent Letter to Keyes Nov. 4, 1910


This is a letter from Arthur Cleveland Bent from the Smithsonian Institution thanking Dr. Keyes for agreeing to contribute to the book Life Histories of North American Birds that Mr. Bent is working on.


Bent, AC (Arthur Cleveland)




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ALL CORRESPONDENCE SHOULD BE ADDRESSED TO THE SECRETARY SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION Washington U.S.A. UNITED STATES NATIONAL MUSEUM INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGES BUREAU OF AMERICAN ETHNOLOGY NATIONAL ZOOLOGICALPARK ASTROPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY INTERNATIONAL CATALOGUE OF SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE Taunton, Mass., Nov. 4, 1910. Mr. Charles R. Keyes, Mt. Vernon, Ia Dear Mr. Keyes: I duly received your favor of the 28th ult. and am very glad to hear that you are willing to contribute to the work on the Life of North American Birds. For the present, I shall work almost exclusively on the birds to be covered in the first volume, beginning with the Grebes and ending with the Swans on the A.O.U.list. I shall be glad to have you send me, at your convenience, a list of the species to be included in this volume on which you could furnish material of interest regarding their life histories. I intend to ask for similar lists from all who volunteer to contribute to this work, from which I can so plan out the distribution of the work as to have each species thoroughly studied in as many portions of its range as possible. Each observer will then be given sufficient time to study the species allotted to him and send me the results of his observations, from which selections will be made for publication. In order to determine more accurately the breeding limits of various species, I shall send out printed blanks on which I would like to have each observer report a full list of the breeding birds of his locality with certain notes as to relative abundance. These blanks I have not yet fully prepared but will send you some later.
Thanking you for your interest in the matter and hoping to hear from you more fully later on, I am,
Very truly yours,
AC Bent