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76. Iowa Adj. Gen. Nathaniel Baker to Lincoln recommending appointment of Dr. D.W. Stewart as Surgeon


76. Iowa Adj. Gen. Nathaniel Baker to Lincoln recommending appointment of Dr. D.W. Stewart as Surgeon


Letter from Iowa Adjutant General Nathaniel B. Baker to Lincoln recommending the appointment of Dr. D. W. Stewart (Davenport, Iowa) as Surgeon of the General Hospital at Davenport. February 10, 1865. Copy.




Becki Plunkett and Stephen Vincent


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Davenport[,] Feb. 10th. 1865. His Excellency[,] Abraham Lincoln[,] President U. S.[,] Washington D. C. Sir. Doctor D. W. Stewart of this city a personal friend of mine has made application to Surgeon General [Joseph K.] Barnes to be appointed Surgeon of the General Hospital at this post. The services of Doctor Stewart are fully shown by papers on file with the Surgeon General. His services so far as I am informed have been of the most valuable character. His certificates of different Boards of Examination will be subject to your examination and I trust that the recommendations of Senators [James] Grimes and [James] Harlan, Judge [Supreme Court Justice Samuel H.?] Miller and Hon. [Congressman] Hiram Price and others of high position will be satisfactory to you. Surgeon General Barnes refuses, as I understand from Dr. Stewart, the application on the grounds, that there is an order from the Department prohibiting the employment of acting Asst. Surgeons, in charge of General Hospitals, but promising to make the appointment, if Dr. Stewart will go before another Board of Examiners and pass a third examination, thus subjecting him to all the trouble and expense of another examination when there is ample evidence of Dr. Stewart's eminent qualifications for the position. Under these circumstances and know Dr. Stewart to be well qualified for the position and feeling confident that the good of the service will be subserved by his appointment I take the liberty to request that your will direct the Surgeon General to appoint Dr. Stewart surgeon at this post, if from papers and recommendatons already furnished you are satisfied as well as I am that he is in every respect qualified for the appointment. With great respect I have the honor to be Truly Yours[,] N[athaniel] B. Baker[,] Adjt. Genl. of Iowa