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34. Lincoln to Gen. Samuel R. Curtis on order by Gen. John Schofield


34. Lincoln to Gen. Samuel R. Curtis on order by Gen. John Schofield


Letter from Abraham Lincoln to General Samuel R. Curtis requesting suspension of action on an order issued by General John Schofield calling for an assessment of $500,000 against secessionists and southern sympathizers, and asking Curtis for his statement and opinion on the matter. December 10, 1862. Schofield, acting as commander of the Missouri militia, had ordered a $500,000 levy on the "rebels of St. Louis County" to fund the militia; controversies over the levy's implementation and legitimacy came to a head in early December. Copy.




Becki Plunkett and Stephen Vincent


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Washington[,] D.C. December 10th 1862 Major Genl Curtis[,] Please suspend until further orders all proceedings in the order made by Genl Schofield on the twenty eighth day of August last, for assessing & collecting from secessionists & southern symphatizers [sic] the sum of five hundred thousand dollars etc, in the mean time take out & send me a statement of facts pertinent to the question togeather [sic] with your opinion upon it. A Lincoln[,] President U.S.