28. Lincoln to Gen. Samuel R. Curtis on Cherokee Indian regiments in Cherokee country

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28. Lincoln to Gen. Samuel R. Curtis on Cherokee Indian regiments in Cherokee country


Cherokee Indians--History--Civil War, 1861-1865;
Ross, John, 1790-1866


Letter from Abraham Lincoln to General Samuel R. Curtis inquring on behalf of Chief John Ross whether the Cherokee Indian regiments at Fort Scott (Kansas), "could not occupy the Cherokee country, consistently with the public service." October 10, 1862. The Western Cherokee of Indian Territory (modern Oklahoma) were deeply divided during the Civil War, with significant proportions supporting both the Union and Confederate causes. Ross, who had earlier supported the Confederacy, attempted to promote a policy of Union loyalty after has capture by Union troops in the summer of 1862. Copy.




Becki Plunkett and Stephen Vincent


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Washington DC Oct 10th 1862 I believe some Cherokee Indians reg[imen]ts with some white forces operating with them now at or near Ft Scott are within your Dept and under your command. John Ross the principle chief of the Cherokees is now here in exile, and he wishes to know, and so do I wheother [sic] the force above mentioned, cannot occupy the Cherokee Countery [sic], consistantly [sic] with the public service. Please consider and answer[.] Signed A Lincoln