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Essay""A Mountain Interlude,"" by Chirstian Petersen's wife Charlotte, describing funerals in Wilhurst, Kentucky after a flood.

Bust of Abraham Lincoln. Given to Dr. Charles Friley by Petersen.

Medal awarded for achievement in engineering by an ISU alumnus, in the fields of technical construction, design, planning, development, and management, as well as teaching and research. The award was established by Iowa State College through the…

Sketch of Ba-wi-shi-ka dressed for the dance (facing page. 170 in Cha-Ki-Shi).

Sketch of the bark houseor permanent home (p. 115 in Cha-Ki-Shi). Dimension (4"") and illegible comment.

Sketch of buffalo in snow (p. 74 in Cha-Ki-Shi). Includes cropping note on border.

Sketch of Cha-Ki-Shi for book cover and title page

Sketch of Cha-Ki-Shi for book cover and title page. Editorial comments on border.

Sketch of Cha-Ki-Shi losing her dollwhile traveling with her mother on horseback (p. 65 in Cha-Ki-Shi). Editorial comments on border.

Possible title page sketch (unpublished) of Cha-Ki-Shiher dolland separate sketches representing Food, Clothing, Shelter, and Culture. Includes editorial comments on border.