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Dr. Morehouse and Eleanor Roosevelt at the 1936 Drake Commencement.

From left to right: Prof. Rider, head of Drake University's Chemistry Department , Eleanor Roosevelt and Dr. Morehouse.

From left to right: Walter Lippman, an American journalist and political commentator, Dr. Morehouse and Rev. Stoddard Lane.

Dr. Morehouse jokes with Louis Untermeyer, a widely known poet.

Picture of Andromeda Nebula taken by Dr. Morehouse.

Drake University's student newspaper, the Drake Times-Delphic interviews Astronomy professor Phillip Riggs.

Phillip Riggs talks about Pluto's status as a planet in an article in the Drake Times-Delphic

From left to right: Robert L. Finch, Gerneral Alumni Secretary;Edward C. Lytton, Business Manager; Virgil R. Walker, Director of Endowments; President Daniel W. Morehouse; Fred L. Turby, Auditor.

Program for the Dedication of the Drake Univeristy Municipal Obervatory.