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Photograph of people seated at a picnic bench. Mrs. Zurcher seated left, Nan Kirch to her left, Veronica Heitzman(2nd from left), John Heitzman(seated at table), Ray Heitzman(standing, right), Minnie Skaife(seated). Arlene Friedlein on far left.…

Photograph of people seated and some standing at Sullivan party. From center top, clockwise:Leo Heitzman, Frank "Red" Sullivan(standing), Hannah Driscoll (seatedwith hat), Milton Kirch, Irene Kirch, unknown, Arlene Friedlein (in coveralls).

Mr. and Mrs. Burden in buggy and Miss Gibbs to Mr. Burden's right. Taken at Sullivan's property at Mulligatawny stew party.

Photograph of three men and a woman in line. From left: Van Maurice, Hazel Marshall, Milton Kirch. Taken at Sullivan's property.

Photograph of two men and one woman standing in line. Evelyn Friedlein in center and Frank "Red" Sullivan on right. Taken at Sullivan's property.

Photograph of people sitting on bench listening to music players. Hans Zurchur on bench with accordion and little Norm Kirch on lawn. Taken at Sullivan's property.

Photograph of people standing behind a table. Second row from left: unknown, Arlene Friedlein, Ray Heitzman, Mamie Sullivan, Irene Kirch, Evelyn Friedlein and Red Sullivan. Taken at open chicken coupe concession stand at the Four Mounds ski jump.

Blueprint of plans and elevation of entrance drive of Four Mounds territory.

Drawing of planting or landscape plan for vicinity of Grey house.

Portrait of George A. Burden as a boy.