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This is another view of the Capitol that could be seen from the passenger trains south of the Capitol around 1913

Here is a 2010 view of an area south and west of the Capitol that can be seen from the train tracks.

Here is another view of the area south of the Capitol near the railroad tracks around 1910 before the grounds were cleaned up. This scene is what passengers saw from the train.

This is another view south of the Capitol near the train tracks in 2010.

Looking up the hill south of the Capitol by the railroad tracks, passengers could see the Capitol. The Allison Monument was to be built near the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument.

This shows the view from the railroad tracks in 2010 south of the Capitol.

This is a lawsuit filed by citizens of Van Buren and Wapello Counties who objected to the levying of taxes by the state to pay for the purchase of land around the Capitol grounds.(Click on the "x" in the box at the top to view the contents)