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On; This program contains acts of violence; So we guess viewer discretion is advised; Warning to networks by parents about violence on TV; Click; Off

Opponents; Proponents; Bang bang bang; Yank yank yank

Maybe it would help if we sacrificed a weather forecaster

But should we?; 160 million years later; I think we've found a way to re-create a human!; But should we?

Hypnosis; You are getting sleepy, and you don't want to smoke anymore; The patch; Federally mandated child-proof lighters; How does this @#*! thing work!; Flick flick flick flick flick flick flick flick

Energy tax; The bulb's too big!; Turn it clockwise!; Turn it counter-clockwise!; It's backwards!; Use a smaller watt bulb!; Congress

Sec. of State; Leadership 16EEEE