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Trees next to tracks across from small, single story depot with fence. Utility lines along tracks. "View looks W. Photo taken by: Ronald D. Sims, 3402 W. 50th Street, Apt. 2, Des Moines 10, Iowa"--Photograph verso.

Sign for Woodward Junction next to tracks that split into two. Small shed next to tracks. "Station sign. Track on extreme left is the branch line to Des Moines. Woodward Jct. located about 1/2 miles E. of Woodward Sta. Photo view looking West. …

Train cars next to single story wooden depot. Person next to depot. Grain elevators behind depot. "#1714"--Photograph verso.

Single story wooden depot with sign for Woodward. Railroad tracks on both sides of depot with railroad cars sitting on them. Person sitting on platform to left of depot. Utility lines left of depot. "View looks South. Ron Sims collection"--Photograph…

Single story wooden depot with grain elevator behind. Looking eastward at the Chicago, MIl.St.P. & P. station. Photo taken by: Ronald Sims, 4207 Bowdoin St., Des Moines 13, Iowa"--Photograph verso.

Single story wooden depot with group of men around piece of equipment on tracks. "Blackhawk Township"--Photograph verso.

Sign for Woolstock. "Ronald D. Sims, 2717 Cornell St., Des Moines, Iowa 50313, Railroad Photography"--Photograph verso.

Two story wooden depot with signal and train. "CNW 2 story general purpose depot. RR business at ground level. 2nd floor - agent and/or family. Photog. unknown"--Photograph verso.

Single story wooden depot with sign for Worthington and Western Union Telegraph & Cable Office. Railroad cars sitting behind depot with []thern Pacific []03514 on car.

Sign for Wren on post.