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Convention Dallas; No-doze; Zzzzzzz; Reagan; Tex's cleaner uppers; Dole '88; Stassen '88; Lehrman '88; Kemp '88; Bush '88; Baker '88; Dole '99

Ferraro; Bush; Media; Press; 1040

Mainstream 5 miles; New right; GOP; Fish finder

Grody?; Totally awesome; Iowa State Fair; Watch your step!

Hello, I'm Ronald Reagan, and I'd like your vote ... is there anyone here?; Fritz on the farm

Answer: the same gag writer; Two wild & crazy guys; I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever the bombing begins in 5 minutes; ... a black, a woman, two Jews, and a cripple

9.9; Go for it!; GOP

Zzz; File cabinet