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Milton Kirch, Leo Heitzman, guide, and John Heitzman standing by building at Sullivan's party.

From left: Milton Kirch, Leo Heitzman, guide and John Heitzman by trees in Spring, taken at Sullivan's picnic grounds.

Milton Kirch, guide, Leo Heitzman, George Burden, and John Heitzman standing outdoors at Sullivan's party.

Photograph of cows at Four Mounds barn, looking norhteast.

Frank "Red" Sullivan and John Heitzman dancing their version of an Irish and German Waltz.near house. Taken at annual "mulligan party" at Frank Sullivan's.

Photograph of Denise the dog standing at rock garden.

Denise the dog on grounds sitting by flowers.

Denise the dog by Porch Ramada.

Denise the dog laying on the drive in front of White house.

Denise the dog sitting on bench by flagpole.