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Photograph of Chauffeur's house, looking northwest.

Photograph of the Chauffeur's house and garage with Gardener's house and chicken coop (demolished) in background.

Photograph of chicken house foreground, with barn and old lower garage, looking southeast.

Photograph of five children and a dog in front of Grey house front corner. From left to right: unknown (seated), Mary James (standing), Vidie Burden (in carriage), Sandy James and Norm Kirch (far right).

View looks Northeast, Photograph of children gathered on haywagon. Left to right: unknown man, unknown kid, unknown kid, Frindy Burden?, Vidie Burden, unknown kid, Norm Kirch, Ray Heitzman, unknown man

Photograph of children pulling buggy. In carriage from left to right: unknown, Ginny Kirch, Norm Kirch, Don Heitzmen. On ground from left to right: Ray Heitzman (on grounds), Ed Zurcher's boy and Kay Sullivan, unknown kneeling. Taken at Sullivan's…

Children sitting at table behind the gardener's house. Clockwise from bottom left: John or Jim Gronen, Patty raine, Lizzie Gronen, Mary Raine.

Cletus Heitzman (right) playing guitar with unidentified young man on harmonica.

Cletus Heitzman seated outdoors with trees and pole in background.

Cletus Hetitzman and Katherine Sullivan standing outdoors by trees and bushes.