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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


of the campus, the formation of the parade, and the welcoming of visitors.
The Homecoming celebration was opened with the Freshman Mixer, also
under the direction of the Council. Hank Messer and his band played at the
dance attended by nearly one hundred and fifty couples.
The freshman probationary period lasted until mid-November under the
supervision of the Council. Initiation by individual students was limited by
the organization and delinquent freshmen were punished in the manner approved by the student representatives.
To the Council goes much credit for its work in aiding to edit the yearbook. Members of the Council pledged themselves to support the first annual
in seventeen years and they helped in soliciting subscriptions and in sponsoring the sweater dances held for the benefit of the book.
The last project of the year was the Junior-Senior Prom, sponsored by those
classes but under the supervision of the Council. Through its efforts George
Hamilton and his orchestra, the first "name" band in the history of St. Ambrose dances, was secured for the affair.
Marion Judge, Clinton, Iowa, and John McConville, Centerville, Iowa, served
as president and vice-president of the Council respectively.

Top Row: Eiselein, Craine, Stopulos, Hansen, J., Hade
Bottom Row: McConville, Sacco, Judge, Cummins
Frosh Mixer Committee




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