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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Top Row: Kamerick, Keough, Livingston, Quinn, Hansen, J., Nunamaker, N., Stoltenberg
Middle Row: Sacco, Eiselein, Craine, Stopulos, O'Brien, Lien, McCormick
Bottom Row: McConville, Clunan, Morgan, Judge, Cummins, Brinn, Hade
of any activities not supervised by the faculty.
Members and officers of the Council are governed by strict requirements
before they are eligible to hold office. Members must maintain at least a "C"
average during the semester prior to the election. One member is not allowed
to represent more than one group. Each newly elected member is required
to present his credentials to the outgoing Council for approval. The President and the Vice-President of the Student Council must be in their senior
year; they must not participate in football or basketball; they must not hold
any major position on the staff of the Ambrosian News, the Quarterly, or the
Oaks; they must not carry more than fifteen hours of outside work including
Saturday; and, they must not hold any other position which the Council feels
would be detrimental to the office.
Almost as soon as the Council was elected in September the members set
to work with their preparations for the annual Homecoming celebration. All
of the projects carried on by the students themselves were directed by at
least one member of the Council. The biggest job was the gathering of wood
for the traditional bonfire. The work took the better part of a month and was
done by the freshmen under the watchful eyes of the upperclassmen. There
were about fifteen teams each composed of fifteen to twenty students and
each with two upperclassmen as captains. The town was completely scoured
for every bit of kindling wood available.
In addition to the gathering of wood the Council supervised the decoration




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