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Sketch v. 77, n. 1, Fall 2012

Sketch v. 77, n. 1, Fall 2012


Sketch v. 77, n. 1, Fall 2012


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
FICTION; Another Shot....Emily Kienzle pg 12; Benny....Madeleine Kobus pg 15; Shadows on the Horizon....Jessica Yehle pg 19; Requiem....Emily Ergenbright pg 24; The Sad Gregorio....Natalia Correa pg 31; NONFICTION; Look Who's Talking....Evan Moreland pg 36; Wrestling Maneuvers and Ragdolls....Annamarie Bellegante pg 40; POETRY; Desire Was Everywhere....Payton Goodrich pg 44; Hindrance....Payton Goodrich pg 45; To the Father of the Quick Silver Girl....Rachel Stern pg 46; Gang Signs....Rachel Stern pg 47; Concerning My Strange Affinity for Scorching Heat....Rachel Stern pg 48; Lightning....Cory O'Bannon pg 51; 50/60....Rachel Greving pg 52; I Fell in Love with a Poem....Sasha Goldina pg 54; VISUAL ARTS; Grass Chair....Kirk McVey pg 14; On The Right Track....Kimberly Paul pg 18; Apple Orchard....Kimberly Paul pg 23; Old Artist....Natalia Correa pg 30; Ethereal Venice....Natalia Correa pg 33; Look Up....Kimberly Paul pg 35; Intertwined....Kimberly Paul pg 39; Fruhlingsbume....Kimberly Paul pg 43; Golden Opportunity....Kimberly Paul pb 50; The Way to Santa's House....Kimberly Paul pg 53


Bellegante, Annamarie; Correa, Natalia; Ergenbright, Emily; Goldina, Sasha; Goodrich, Payton; Greving, Rachel; Kienzle, Emily; Kobus, Madeleine; McVey, Kirk; Moreland, Evan; O'Bannon, Cory; Paul, Kimberly; Stern, Rachel; Yehle, Jessica


Archives LH1 Sk3 v. 77, n. 1


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


2012 Fall


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