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Sketch v. 72, n. 2, Spring 2008

Sketch v. 72, n. 2, Spring 2008


Sketch v. 72, n. 2, Spring 2008


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
;Beginnings and Endings - Kasey Pfab page 10
;Productive Conclusions -Thomas Lee Ellenwood page 20
;Succession - Dana Woolley page 22
;A Naked Man's Song - Elizabeth Vickers page 25
;"Incident Report" - Allison Gumpert page 28
;How to Use a Glass Cutter - Jon Kamrath page 42
;Aesthetics - Malory Bryana Klocke page 44
;Misunderstandings - Tessa Berg page 49
;With Your Brains and My
;Good Looks ... - Molly McDonald page 51
;My Story in Permanence - Erin Vander Linden page 54
;silence - Nicholas Yancey page 55
;Clover - Whitney Olthoff page 56
;A Dog's Welcome - Whitney Olthoff page 57
;First Light - Hannah Walleser page 58
;Golden Pond - Hannah Walleser page 58
;Dread - Hannah Wallaser page 59
;Fingers - Ben Arzate page 60
;Chasing the Chocolate Rabbit - Beth Wilbur page 61
;Industrial Psychotherapy - Beth Wilbur page 62
;negative space - Jen Skalbeck page 64
;Coming in to Pink - Claire Kruesel page 66
;City - Courtney Campbell page 67
;Hamilton - Molly Germaine Clark page 68
;Elkie - Anastasia Kral page 69
;Pensive - Penny Hanson page 70
;Railroad Crossing - Brandon Ledger page 71
;Matt - Melissa Retman page 72


Arzate, Ben; Berg, Tessa; Campbell, Courtney; Clark, Molly Germaine; Ellenwood, Thomas Lee; Gumpert, Allison; Hanson, Penny; Kamrath, Jon; Klocke, Malory Bryana; Kral, Anastasia; Kruesel, Claire; Ledger, Brandon; McDonald, Molly; Olthoff, Whitney; Pfab, Kasey; Retman, Melissa; Skalbeck, Jen; Vander Linden, Erin; Vickers, Elizabeth; Walleser, Hannah; Wilbur, Beth; Woolley, Dana; Yancey, Nicholas


Archives LH1 Sk3 v. 72, n. 2


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


2008 Spring


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