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Sketch v. 65, n. 2, Spring 2001

Sketch v. 65, n. 2, Spring 2001


Sketch v. 65, n. 2, Spring 2001


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
Visual Arts;
Brad Lee Bonner photograph - Untitled #47 7,
photograph - Untitled #169 47,
photograph - Untitled #36 41;
Jenny Fickbohm printed fabric - No Title 29;
Paul Friemal chalk pastel - Popkorn in Microwave cover,
pencil & ink - Battle in the Mall 64;
Erin Griebahn photograph - Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier 60;
Jennifer Kruse torn paper, sand - Embrace 17;
Abby Pearson textiles painting on silk - Star Swinging 26;
Sarah Royer photograph - A Way 19;
Heather Straszheim pencil - Vision of Peace 15,
photograph - Only Memories Live Here 40,
photograph - Rebecca 88;
Sara Weitzel oil pastel - Together: One Sole 21,
pen and ink - Walking Beans 70;
Nora Wendl On Sunday 9, Rules on Writing 66;
L. Anton Dencklau Schadenfreude 52;
Trent J. Doerges Untitled 42;
Jasmine Friedl Pepper 22;
Audrae Jones About Life or Laundry or Livid Stains 30;
Shane Noecker The Human Highway 73;
Stephanie Adams Amethyst Dreams 49, Clearance Find 50;
Heather Dennis Red Sky Morning 27;
Amanda Fields Whispered 72;
Eric Garcia Lament 37;
Brian Holf The Shore of Existance and Nonexistance 62;
Danielle Hughson Somewhere Deep in the Ozarks 17, To the friend that will think this poem is not about him 71;
Dan Johnson Phoenix 8;
Audrae Jones What you need to write like a woman 20;
Michael McFarland Fudge 16;
Andrew Nease To Quote a Poet 38;
Leah Patton Depths of the Sea 85, The Chase 86;
JennyLee Peterson Traveling down the avenue of saints, on my way to Memphis 48, untitled 63, him 69;
Kelly Schwartz Random Thoughts 51, Things I want to tell you 59;
Stacey Wheeler your house 18;
L. Madeline Wiseman Beautiful Thin Skin 35, Tuesday in Late September 36;
Jason Yates Fun 61


Adams, Stephanie; Bonner, Brad Lee; Dencklau, L. Anton; Dennis, Heather; Doerges, Trent J.; Fickbohm, Jenny; Fields, Amanda; Friedl, Jasmine; Friemal, Paul; Garcia, Eric; Griebahn, Erin; Holf, Brian; Hughson, Danielle; Johnson, Dan; Jones, Audrae; Kruse, Jennifer; McFarland, Michael; Nease, Andrew; Noecker, Shane; Patton, Leah; Pearson, Abby; Peterson, JennyLee; Royer, Sarah; Schwartz, Kelly; Straszheim, Heather; Weitzel, Sara; Wendl, Nora; Wheeler, Stacey; Wiseman, L. Madeline; Yates, Jason


LH1 Sk3 v. 65, n. 2


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


2001 Spring


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