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Sketch v. 65, n. 1, Fall 2000

Sketch v. 65, n. 1, Fall 2000


Sketch v. 65, n. 1, Fall 2000


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
Paul Cockeram The Edge Between Life and What Else 5;
Ryan Gross Gone With The Wind 32, Arabs in Dark Glasses 57;
Dan Sandberg Faces 59;
Molly McGrane Man in the Moon 49;
Darci Horton My Skin 22, Dress Up 39;
Meg Osfar How to Write a Poem That Will Be Published by a Contemporary Journal 23, My Father 42, That Cat 70;
Jason Koepp Jasmine Watts from Arizona was here 6/27/00 24, Weave 38, Leveling 68;
Lisa Sinnot Water Reflection and Echo 26;
Dustin J. Anderson What Ignacio Heard 27;
Myra Hanson Final Movement 28;
Karina Zidon Unrequited Love 30;
Andrew Nease When You Wish Upon Phosphorescence 34;
Stephanie Adams Lemonade 35;
Scott Wisgerhof Jane 43;
Leah Patton My Love 46;
Vincent Lee shooting pool 66;
Cory Newbiggen Beauty 72;
Visual Arts;
Sarah Gilbert Coffee Break 21, Arkansas 65;
Jessi Spaulding Weathered Souls 25, Relieved 44, Bordered Thoughts 48, Jamaica 75;
Lea Joanne DeLoughery Rage 29;
Katrina Chu Untitled 33,
Stacie M. Clark DUHKA: All Life is Suffering 36;
Jamin Buntenbach Untitled 37;
Crystal Mayer Barren 40;
Alexa Sibley Chained Melody 41;
Jenny Lee Peterson Shattered 45;
Ann Marie Ewoldt Cecilia 56;
Sara Weitzel Suspicion 58;
Katie Muller Still Life with Mask 71


Adams, Stephanie; Anderson, Dustin J.; Buntenbach, Jamin; Chu, Katrina; Clark, Stacie M.; Cockeram, Paul; DeLoughery, Lea Joanne; Ewoldt, Ann Marie; Gilbert, Sarah; Gross, Ryan; Hanson, Myra; Horton, Darci; Koepp, Jason; Lee, Vincent; Mayer, Crystal; McGrane, Molly; Muller, Katie; Nease, Adrew; Newbiggen, Cory; Osfar, Meg; Patton, Leah; Peterson, Jenny Lee; Sandberg, Dan; Sibley, Alexa; Sinnot, Lisa; Spaulding, Jessi; Weitzel, Sara; Wiserhof, Scott; Zidon, Karina


LH1 Sk3 v. 65, n. 1


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


2000 Fall


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