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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


St. Ambrose met their first defeat of
the season on the road when the same Dubuque team, the Saint's first game victim,
eked out a slim 41-36 win. Coming back
home, the Bees added two more victories
at the expense of the weak Iowa Wesleyan
and Upper Iowa cagers.
Riding high with a record of five and
one, St. Ambrose hit their suicide road
trip and it was just that. They beat Upper
Iowa once again and then rolled up the
biggest score of the season against Western Union, 60-37. But in the next two
games, the Bees title chances dwindled as
they bowed to the comparatively easy
Buena Vista and Central teams by two
and one point margins. The Saints finished the trip with a 43-35 win over Parsons.
After blasting Augustana and gaining
revenge against Central and Buena Vista
in two easy starts, the Bees fell victims to a
much improved and inspired Loras five In
an overtime battle, 37-34.
Winning one more conference game at
home against Penn, the Saints blew their
final chance for the loop flag on the road
as they fell by the wayside of Simpson and
Penn. Penn gave them the worst drubbing
of the season, taking a 45-32 count.
Climaxing the season's play, Augustana
revenged their earlier loss by snatching a
32-29 double-overtime decision.




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