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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


It must seem strange to those who have
know Father T. J. Lew since he started
school at St. Ambrose Academy, not to
see him around Davenport. After attending the Academy and being graduated
from the college Father served for seven
years as Dean of Men and for two and a
half years as Spiritual Advisor, during
which time he gained the utmost respect
and admiration of the students. Father
Lew is now pastor of St. Patrick's Parish in
Burlington and he carries with him our sincere wishes for success and happiness in
his new position.
Father Louis A. Rohret matriculated at
St. Ambrose College after being graduated from St. Peter's High School of Cos-
grove. One year after his graduation from-
the college Father Rohret returned to
teach mathematics at St. Ambrose Academy. Now after a long career of teaching
physics and mathematics as well as other
engineering subjects at the college Father
has been given the position of pastor of
St. Boniface Parish in Clinton. Good luck,




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