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1961 Yearbook

1961 Yearbook


1961 Yearbook


Ambrosians demonstrated their ingenuity in making the 1960 Homecoming a success. Due to the
dropping of football, many gave the homecoming
up as a lost cause.
The affair proved an overwhelming success,
though, as stationary "floats" on campus replaced
the parade, Jimmy Dorsey played for the dance,
the intramural football championship provided
an athletic event, Theatre III presented "The
Matchmaker," and a "pep" bonfire and gym
dance crowned the weekend.
"'As long as the vine grows 'round the stump, you
will be my sugar lump." — Mike Gray, '62.
The Seminarian s decorations.
Squaws from Marycrest inspect the "happy hunting grounds.'
To the victor




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