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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Top Row: Dasso, Fiese, Cox, Roche, J., Jansen, Schwab, Farrell, Kane, R., Gaul, Cluskey
Middle Row: Copley, Robinson, Nunamaker, V., Nunamaker, N., Halligan Klein, Jacobs,
Higgins, Kough
Bottom Row: Handel, Daasch, Oakey, Franck, Edwards, O'Connor, R., Mack, Kendall,
Rohling, LaMarre
The Junior Class opened its year of activity with its election of Robert C.
Livingston of Peoria, Illinois, as president of the group. This selection made
Livingston's third straight term as president since he had won the election
in both his freshman and sophomore years.
In addition to Livingston the third year men chose Joe Mack, Reynolds,
Illinois, as vice-president and James Young, Chicago, as secretary-treasurer.
Jack Hansen and Norm Nunamaker of Chicago, and James Quinn of Ot-
tumwa, Iowa, won the Student Council offices.
The class was well-represented in every campus activity throughout the
entire year. Numerous juniors participated in Homecoming preparations in
various capacities. Several were engaged as team captains of the wood-
gathering crews; a large number were in charge of campus decorations; the
class marched in a body in the parade; the junior members of the Council
aided in sponsoring the Mixer; and, a group of juniors took charge of forming a concentrated cheering section at the Homecoming football game against
St. Thomas.
The Council gave its representatives from the junior class the power to




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