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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Fr. O'Rielly : "Voltz, who led the people into the Promised Land?"
Voltz : "Which Promised Land do you mean, Father?"
And they always told me "they" were only to be found on the farm.
A young student by the name of Barry at a college baseball game was heard to
inquire : "What's the man running for?"
Cosgrave : "He just hit the ball."
Barry : "I know, but does he have to chase it?"
You win the concrete gum-drops, Hollis.
Prof. Casey : "Mr. Wolf, who is the present governor of Iowa?"
Harvey : "I don't know."
Casey : "Don't you live in Iowa, Harvey?"
Harvey : "We used to, but we moved to Davenport last year?"
Among the "inseparables" we should mention Kirker and Cicero.
Prof. Collins : "Maloney, mention the three words of the English language that
are spoken the most."
P. J. Maloney : "I don't know."
Collins : "Correct."
Bush to Fr. Barry : "You wouldn't punish a boy for something he didn't do, would
you, Father?"
Fr. Barry : "Why, no, certainly not."
Bush : "Well, then, you won't punish me for not writing out my lesson."
Kerker, the Boy Wonder. He's one in a million. No student ever approached
his speed.
Said "Dutch" to Marguerite, in a sweet and quiet tone,
"If I should kiss you on the hand, would you telephone?"
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