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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


V. Costello went into L. Boyle's room and saw Leonard using a Latin pony and
exclaimed, "Aw, heck! Can't you translate that Latin without an answer book?"
Quite Annoying
Hink O'Niel : "Father, I'd like to have another room."
Fr. Hannon : "No, no, all the rooms are filled; now get out."
Hink : "But, Father, I can't stay in that room. I must have another."
Fr. Hannon : "Why, what's the matter with your present room?"
Hink : "Well, if you must know, Father, the room's on fire."
Poor West! He had to take the mid-year exams. He did not heed the call, "Come
early and avoid the rush." The infirmary was filled when he got there.
McDonough is continually raving about "his little gal down hum",
was heard to exclaim, in accents light (headed), the following:
O June! O June! O June!
The cabbages blossom in the light of the moon,
The rest of the fellows will go to bed soon,
And I will go too,
O June! O June!
One night he
The price of men's socks has fallen to such an extent that a local firm has placed a
large order for Paris garters.
"What's the big idea?" asked Selman.
"Why, to keep the socks from falling lower," says McGrath.
Maloney was telling the gang about an argument he had with Shirk in the gym :
" . . . and just as I was about to convince him, he hit me."
"Well, why didn't you come back at him?" some one asked.
"Why didn't I come back at him!" shouted Maloney. "When I woke up, the big
bully was gone."
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