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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


The Endowment Campaign
The great work of the Endowment Fund Campaign is yet uncompleted. The original plan to
raise One Million Dollars is still intact and the work will continue until the entire Diocese is
is canvassed and the amount determined upon is subscribed. This amount will be needed for
the proper development of the College as a diocesan institution. While many faithful people,
both priests and laymen, took an important part in the extensive work reaching over fourteen
months, a few should receive special mention on these pages at this time.
First among these are the Very Reverend W. L. Hannon, President of the College, who labored
zealously throughout the campaign and whose judgment on important questions was always
deliberate and conclusive.
Rev. J. P. Stahl, Vice-President, apart from his busy life in the classroom, devoted much of his
time to the work.
Rev. Owen J. McGuire filled the position of Treasurer with ability until the work was taken
over by the Union Bond and Mortgage Company of the City.
Rev. W. E. Carroll of Marengo, was the immediate assistant to the Reverend Chairman, and
their teamwork in the various parishes was always effective and satisfactory.
Rev. C. J. Donahue of St. Paul's Parish of Davenport, acted as Field Secretary. His ability
as a campaigner is acknowledged on all sides. Much of the success of the enterprise is due to
his powers to convince his hearers of the dire necessity of the Endowment Fund.
Rev. James Murray, Pastor of St. Patrick's Parish of Clinton, ably championed the cause and
will be remembered by the people among whom he labored throughout the diocese for his persuasive eloquence.
Rev. W. J. Guinan of Parnell, and Rev. Joseph O'Donnell of Cosgrove, also took an active
part in the campaign and their work was symbolized by rare tact and skill.
Gilbert Watters, Alumni Editor.
Since the promoters of this splendid Annual — The Ambrosian — have kindly dedicated it to
the Endowment Fund, I take this opportunity, in behalf of our Right Reverend Bishop and the
Reverend Fathers who were intimately connected with me in the campaign, to thank you, our
brother priests, for your courteous consideration to us, and your devotion to the cause.
Your affable and generous spirit and your cordial welcome made the arduous task a pleasure
and we should be ungrateful if we did not consider your efforts the main cause of the flattering
success attained.
The good people we met everywhere must also share with you in this heartfelt tribute of
thanks and praise. They have loyally answered the urgent appeal and have shown by their
generosity and good will an appreciation for their diocesan college, and their devotion to higher
christian education. We are proud of this loyalty shown on all sides and are confident it will
continue to grow with the years. The Endowment Fund places St. Ambrose College upon a firm
financial basis, and when it is all paid and begins to be a living force, the College may take its
place among the educational centers of the country and become the pride and the glory of all
our people.
Rev. J. M. Walsh, Chairman.
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