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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Junior Basket Ball
During the entire season the Juniors succeeded in winning ten out of fifteen games.
The only teams they lost to were those with enviable records—Cedar Rapids, National
Tournament Champs, Davenport, and the wonderful Geneseo machine. They lost to
Cedar Rapids 26-13. Any High School team holding Cedar Rapids under the half
hundred mark deserves great credit. Geneseo, who defeated the Juniors twice, lost the
Rock Island District Tournament in the last fifteen seconds of play by one lone tally.
Davenport with a veteran team defeated the Juniors twice.
Capt. "Bud" Coughlin was picked for a place on the Tri-City team this year.
"Bud" was the only Junior to receive a place. Besides being Captain of the Basket
Ball team he also was captain of the Junior Football team this year. Although small
in stature, "Bud" is a fast clever player and is undoubtedly one of the best high school
athletes turned out at St. Ambrose.
Father Adrian wrill lose four of his five regulars by graduation this year. Hippler is
the only regular that will return to school next year, but the Junior coach has much
promising material in this year's Midget team and the Junior scrubs.
Juniors 48 St. Patrick's 9
Juniors 49 Wilton 13
Juniors 30 East Moline 6
Juniors 22 Dixon 20
Juniors 19 Geneseo 24
Juniors 27 Wilton 15
Juniors 15 Davenport 29
Juniors 18 St. Patrick's 17
Juniors 13 Geneseo 29
Juniors 28 East Moline 8
Juniors 13 Cedar Rapids 26
Juniors 21 Brown's Business College 11
Juniors 11 Davenport 22
Juniors 25 Des Moines Catholic College 18
Juniors 24 Brown's Business College 12
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