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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


Freshmen Collegiate History.
THE Junior Academic Class organized December 1, 1910, with A. C. Brown as
President; Albert Wadle, Secretary; John Fitzpatrick, Treasurer; C. A. B. Van
Waus, Historian, and James Welsh, Poet.
A class basketball team was organized with John Fitzpatrick as Manager,
and John O'Hern as Captain. Maroon and White were chosen as class colors and
the monogram adopted was "A-'12."
The officers for 1911-1912 were: Arthur Brown, President; John Fitzpatrick, Treasurer; C. A. B. Van Waus, Historian; James Welsh, Poet, and John O'Hern, Secretary.
Early in the school year of 1912-1913 the Freshman Collegiate Class met to elect
officers. Arthur Fitzpatrick was elected President; Lawrence Murphy, Vice President;
James Welsh, Secretary and Treasurer, and C. A. B. Van Waus, Historian.
As we passed through the years of the Academic course our ranks were considerably diminished. Recruits came from time to time, but the large Academic class of 1912 so considerably told upon our numbers that now we are but seven. We were
the largest Academic class in the history of the college.
Nearly all the class could boast of being citizens of the great State of Iowa, but
six coming from adjoining states.
During our Freshman year we were satisfied to take notice of how the Seniors did
things. In our Sophomore year, not content to follow, we became leaders; many becoming officers in the different societies, while all became active workers in measures for
the good of the college. This year found us in athletics, dramatics and debate.
The class retained the same officers for the Junior year. We adorned the diamond,
basketball floor and the gridiron with names that will long be remembered at St.
Ambrose. We furnished talented members for literary and debating societies, dramatics, college band, orchestra and choir.
On June 12, 1912, the following received their diplomas of graduation from the
course: R. L. Burke, T. H. Condon, L. L. Cusack, J. F. Fitzpatrick, A. J. Fitzpatrick,
A. C. Brown, R. A. Bartemeyer, J. F. Hanlon, F. J. Harrison, J. J. King, A. Wadle,
P. A. Kleinfelder, J. J. Welsh, L. J. Murphy, J. J. O'Hern, C. A. B. Van Waus and M. J.
Many of the graduates took up professional studies at universities; seven returned
to pursue the college course.
Lack of numbers makes us feel even more the need of strong individual effort. Two
years of advanced work are before us. With each member of the class aiming at a high
standard of excellence, we hope that the general average of achievement will be satisfactory to the faculty and highly creditable to our Alma Mater.
C. A. B. VAN WAUS—'15.




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