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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


Junior Collegiate Prophecy.
As one who loves to ponder,
When the toil of day is done,
And to sit in dreamy silence,
When the evening has begun;
And now outside an office,
In letters large and white,
I read the sign, "Doc Rosie;"
"Walk in, I'll treat you right."
So I sit tonight enraptured,
With all around me still,
And let my fancies wander
In whatever way they will.
Again the vision changes;
In far-off Italy land,
I see there Lu Ligutti
With a scepter in his hand.
I think of those around me,
So good and kind and true,
Of the golden stars above me
In their silent field of blue.
Now back to Yale the vision;
'Mid football warriors gray,
I recognize Coach Brannen
Instructing how to play.
And my thoughts go backwards
To that inspiring year,
When the class of nineteen fourteen
Began their grand career.
But who's this man so stately?
"What manner of man art thou?"
"I'm Leo Roling, Rector
At St. Ambrose College now."
And one by one my comrades,
So true and great and wise,
Appear in the dusk of evening
Before my weary eyes.
And see here's Harry Crimmins,
A strolling on the grounds,
He's back at old St. Ambrose,
And weighs two hundred pounds.
And as the twilight thickens,
Methinks I see afar,
The doings of the future
In a dim and distant star.
And now of me the vision;
Upon that star of fate,
I gaze in fear and trembling;
But no, it bids me wait.
Ah! there I see the White Sox,
The picture's somewhat blurred;
But I can see distinctly
That Bilfie's covering third.
As I ponder o'er the visions,
Related here to you,
Methinks, "haud scio an,"
They all may yet be true.
The vision quickly changes;
A celebration there;
'Tis Davenport rejoicing
In Kerrigan, it's Mayor.
But no matter what shall happen,
You csm wager that our class
Will be found among the highest.
When the future comes to pass.
—John Cash, '14.




St. Ambrose University, 518 W. Locust St., Davenport, IA 52803