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Class Photo


The first Commencement was in 1875 with Linda Ninde Dorland. Commencement typically lasted all day starting with the Baccalaureate, and ending either with the President or a professor hosting the Commencement Dinner. In later years, it would be accompanied with music from the Penn music ensembles. Speeches were given from various professors and alumni, as well as the entire senior class. The subjects the students spoke on were completely up to them, but generally revolve around what they studied, or learned at Penn. Graduating class includes: Theodore C. Albaugh, Bernice Lucille Anderson, Frances Esther Andrews, Nadine Austin, Lilith Mary Baker, Marguerite Katherine Bass, Carl Judson Binford, Kathryn Bolibaugh, George E. Burdock, Esther Carter, Wandolyne Coder, Willis Harry Coffin, Herman David Coil, Violet Cummings, Enola Mae Edgerton, Chester Wilson Emmons, Jessie Belle Eveland, Carey Swift Farr, Lucy Carol Ferguson, Carl T. Fisher, Vida M. Fitch, Carl De Witt Foster, Emmet Manly Frazer, Fern Frazer, Lloyd Alson Frazer, Pearl Garden, William H. Gardener, Amy Florence Gilson, Beula Mae Glattly, Helen F. Goodwin, Flossie Louise Hackley, Thomas Caleb Hargis, Joseph Keith Hollingsworth, Enid Irene Hull, Grace Marie Johnson, Vera Johnson, Celia Marie Linaberry, Orissie Lyon, Georgia Etha McAffe, Sarah Oleta McKibben, Jack W. McLees, John Spaulding McQuiston, Herman Seth Macy, Florence Edna Miller, Twyla Marie Mitchell, Lois B. Morrow, Mildred Louisa Ott, Beatrice M. Parsons, Pauline Edith Pemberton, George Nelson Pierson, John Leo Pitts, Oliver Kenneth Rich, Elizabeth Roberts, Lester Clayton Rogers, Nelle Frances Ryan, Rose Helene Scheuerman, Josephine Elizabeth Seagrave, Jennie Shaw, Mabel Sherman, Helen Smith, Virgil Milton Smith, Josephine Sopher, Harold M. Stanley, Esther Stranahan, Thomas Earl Terrell, Mary Pauline Thomas, Roscoe Edward Trueblood, Helen Elizabeth Vanderwilt, Bertha Vore, Esther Vore, Samuel Orville Walthall, Lisle Talbot Ware, Leona Constance Watland, Mabelle Allegra Wildman, Helen Mary Williamson, and Ila H. Wright.


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William Penn University; Wilcox Library Digital Archives