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Sketch v. 70, n. 1-2, Fall 2005-Spring 2006

Sketch v. 70, n. 1-2, Fall 2005-Spring 2006


Sketch v. 70, n. 1-2, Fall 2005-Spring 2006


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934. Sketch v.70,n.1 and v.70,n.2 were published together attached back-to-back with page numbers continuing from n.1 through n.2 with the contents and cover of n.2 at the end.
Contents v.70,n.1
;Dirt and Chaos No.1: 57 Fragments Nora Wendl (Caplan Prize Winner) pg 24
;Disconnect Dallas Schmitz (Caplan Prize Winner) pg 15
;Zpeaking Rachel Mullen pg 49
;Shy of the Moon Michael Blazing pg 59
;A Chance Encounter Matthew Peterson pg 60
;Landscape with Oranges Elfira pg 61
;Droplets Michael Blazing pg 62
;Driving Insomnia Alicia McGhee pg 8
;My Brother From the Sea Emily Lupita Plum pg 9
;Mules Alicia McGhee pg 11
;Red Samantha Drella pg 13
;Homeless Man's Symphony Alicia McGhee pg 14
;To Neruda Lindsay Labanca pg 19
;The Distance Alicia McGhee pg 20
;I Was Her Teacher Emily Lupita Plum pg 21
;Words and Action Lindsay Labanca pg 22
;Fifth and Quincy Alicia McGhee pg 23
;City Lights Padraic Maher Cepek pg 42
;Robinson Crusoe Alicia McGhee pg 43
;After Seven Years Emily Lupita Plum pg 44
;Cinderella Alicia McGhee pg 45
;City of the Dead Lindsay Labanca pg 46
;Maggie Alicia McGhee pg 57;In the Hallway Emily Lupita Plum pg 58;Contents v.70,n.2
;Goodnight Thomas LaTendresse pg 126
;The Velocity of Saul at the Time of His Conversion Brant Kassel pg 112
;Always a Woman, Never the Heart Jessica Lancial pg 88
;Cartoon Heroes Briana Lawrence pg 120
;Snow Brett Bender pg 103
;The Perils of Media Pervasion, Paul Walker, and Care Bear Thongs Dallas Schmitz pg 85
;Elora Mill on the Grand Kendall Dejonge pg 72
;Just Imagine Kendall Dejonge pg 71
;Untitled Brant Kassel pg 70
;Summer Sunset in a Home of Past Kendall Dejonge pg 69
;Hopeless Abandon Brant Kassel pg 68
;Montrose Beach Kendall Dejonge pg 67
;Horse, Carriage, and Telephone Wires Kendall Dejonge pg 66
;Lamp 2 Stephanie Adamo pg 65
;Window Kendall Dejonge pg 64
;Homecoming Kevin Howe pg 128
;Eccentric by Wealth - So, Crazy Lindsay Labanca pg 127
;Tangle Stephanie Adamo pg 122
;Oshun Lindsay Labanca pg 121
;Death Kevin Howe pg 115
;Electric Love Stephanie Adamo pg 114
;Neighborhood Kevin Howe pg 104
;Little Words Stephanie Adamo pg 90
;Unrequited Lindsay Labanca pg 89
;Morning Walk Kevin Howe pg 86
;For My Ukrainian Grandmother, If I Had One Lindsay Labanca pg 80
;Kruger Stephanie Adamo pg 74


Adamo, Stephanie; Bender, Brett; Blazing, Michael; Cepek, Padraic Maher; DeJonge, Kendall; Drella, Samantha; Elfira; Howe, Kevin; Kassel, Brant; Labanca,Lindsay; Lancial, Jessica; LaTendresse, Thomas; Lawrence, Briana; McGhee, Alicia; Mullen, Rachel; Peterson, Matthew; Plum, Emily Lupita; Schmitz, Dallas; Wendl, Nora;


Archives LH1 Sk3 v. 70, n. 1-2


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


2005 Fall-2006 Spring


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