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Sketch v. 74, n. 1, Fall 2009

Sketch v. 74, n. 1, Fall 2009


Sketch v. 74, n. 1, Fall 2009


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
FICTION; Lavendar Caitlin Levetzow pg 14; Around the Mulberry Bush Rachel T. Schmidt pg 16; The Assassin Rachel T. Schmidt pg 25; A Walk Robert Perdan pg 34; Barbie Issues Audrey Dingeman pg 38; On Display Logan McDonald pg 43; Beyond the Prarie Melanie Adam pg 47; Mason Jar Earnings Caitlin Johnson pg 57; NONFICTION; A Moment of Panic on Post One Jason Ryan Arment pg 64; With Love Hayley Scheuring pg 69; Being a Safety Net is Hard Ashleigh Mills pg 75; What a Guy Darryl DeLeon pg 78; Chinese Lullaby Laura Larson pg 81; Water Lily Caitlyn Levetzow pg 85; Concentrated Breathing Jennifer M. Dryden pg 89; The Sun Rises in the East Rachel Routier pg 98; Our Reflections Rich Telsrow pg 102; Road Signs Trevor Mouw pg 108; Riding and Refocusing Ryan Pesch pg 113; POETRY; A Dirty Watered Cleansing Sam Hackerson pg 118; Why I'm Not Sleeping Ryan Pesch pg 119; Reference Ryan Pesch pg 121; The Ocean, That Is Ryan Pesch pg 123; Walls Ryan Pesch pg 123; Bisected Ryan Pesch pg 125; Seven at a Cemetery Darryl DeLeon pg 127; Absolution Molly McDonald pg 128; Insomnia Scribbling Caitlyn Levetzow pg 129; Children Cory Skeers pg 130; I May Never Get It Cory Skeers pg 131; VISUAL ARTS; Watch Your Step Anna Holland pg 12; And She Cracked Kait McKinney pg 24; Drowning Zach Halma pg 33; Hay Bales Alyssa Frandsen pg 37; Natural Beauty Karl Letsche pg 43; Life's Clematis Anna Holland pg 46; Dakota Shadows Andreas Frick pg 56; A Web of Pearls Kait McKinney pg 62; Gun Oil Zach Halma pg 68; Gold Leafed Caitlin Johnson pg 74; Sunset Karl Ketsche pg 77; Water Pebbles Kait McKinney pg 80; Trumpet Player Courtney Gaskins pg 84; Water Bomb Kait McKinney pg 88; Cox Creek Anna Holland pg 97; Reflection Andreas Frick pg 101; Reflections of Relations Alyssa Frandsen pg 107; Seattle Parking Caitlin Johnson pg 112; The Fly and the Prairie Leaves Anna Holland pg 116; Thirty-three Eyes Anna Holland pg 121; Sherlock/Underground Jessica Monk pg 124; Windmills in Iowa Kristine Keil pg 126; Ada Haden Anna Holland pg 132; We Will Become Silhouettes, Too Lauren Frandsen pg 133; Bug on Wall Jessica Monk pg 134


Adam, Melanie; Armet, Jason Ryan; DeLeon, Darryl; Dingeman, Audrey; Dryden, Jennifer M.; Frandsen, Alyssa; Frandsen, Lauren; Frick, Andreas; Gaskins, Courtney; Hackerson, Sam; Halma, Zach; Holland, Anna; Johnson, Caitlin; Keil, Kristine; Larson, Laura; Letsche, Karl; Levetzow, Caitlyn; McDonald, Logan; McDonald, Molly; McKinney, Kait; Mills, Ashleigh; Monk, Jessica; Mouw, Trevor; Perdan, Robert; Pesch, Ryan; Routier, Rachel; Scheuring, Hayley; Schmidt, Rachel T.; Skeers, Cory; Telsrow, Rick


Archives LH1 Sk3 v. 74, n. 1


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


2009 Fall


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