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Sketch v. 63, n. 1, Fall 1998

Sketch v. 63, n. 1, Fall 1998


Sketch v. 63, n. 1, Fall 1998


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
Harvest Time Dan Johnson 7;
Goats Jen Hirt 31;
Journal Entry 7/1 Jeff Schulte 54;
Gavin and the Green Editor Andy Segedi 56;
Peanuts Viveka Ransom 13;
Piano Lessons Molly Brown 20;
In Search for Peace: a Guatemalan Story Gustavo Herrarte 34;
Wind is a Place Eric Dieterle 46;
Nighthiking Melanie Dylan Fox 68;
Family Recipe Susan L. Booker 11;
Sonja's Kabul Kata Alvidrez 24;
State Fair Baby - September 1, 1971 Danelle Baker-Miller 28;
Tragedy Strikes Somewhere Again Gordon Ferguson 30;
Friday Night Fights Molly Brown 40;
Carve Jen Hirt 42;
Found photograph Christianna White 44;
on the other side of walls Tarisa A. M. Matsumoto 51;
Afterthoughts Clara Teijido 64;
November 1 Christine Kieltyka 65;
23 to 2 Joshua E. Borgmann 66;
Skull Mark Ramos 6;
Submission Benjamin Blanc 17;
Vixen of the Veil Benjamin Blanc 18;
Centripetal Allure Benjamin Blanc 19;
River Bandits in the John O'Donnell Stadium Joshua Barbee 33;
Untitled drawing Shahnaz Agha 38;
Untitled drawing Shahnaz Agha 39;
Day & Night Irwan Salim 45;
I hate those stupid cartoons that come with that damn bubble gum, especially the ones that are long, confusing, and make me question my own existence Robert Parr 55;
Tunnel of Hope Irwan Salim 63;
Untitled polyptych Solomon Pech 67


Agha, Shahnaz; Alvidrez, Kata; Baker-Miller, Danelle; Barbee, Joshua; Blanc, Benjamin; Booker, Susan L.; Borgmann, Joshua E.; Brown, Molly; Dieterle, Eric; Fox, Melanie Dylan; Ferguson, Gordon; Herrarte, Gustavo; Hirt, Jen; Johnson, Dan; Kieltyka, Christine; Matsumoto, Tarisa A.M.; Parr, Robert; Pech, Solomon; Ramos, Mark; Ransom, Viveka; Salim, Irwan; Schulte, Jeff; Segedi, Andy; Teijido, Clara; White, Christianna


LH1 Sk3 v. 63, n. 1


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


1998 Fall


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