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Sketch v. 56, Spring 1991

Sketch v. 56, Spring 1991


Sketch v. 56, Spring 1991


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
Leaps Ellen Satrom 16;
A Local Peter P. Goche 17;
Oil Lamp Ballet Peter P. Goche 18;
Tiananmen Square Peter P. Goche 19;
The Gate Keeper Oren Safdie 29;
Radiant Gwendolyn Jones 32;
Summer, Germantown, Old Farm Road Jennifer Grace 33;
Mama Tara Wendel 35;
The Peppermint Lounge Tara Wendel 37;
Dead Ringer Terry Rasmussen 39;
The Garden of Uncertainty Amy Mooney 61;
September evening in Iowa & The Ice Storm Monica Smith 65;
Protecting the Home Paul Hanstedt 2;
Waiting On Terence Angela Gulick 22;
Heist Chris Schweda 41;
A Lot To Tell Elizabeth Birmingham 67;
The World of Light and Darkness Linda Morganstein 78;
Love Story: #23 Christopher Snethen 92;
Art Work;
Spookathon Adrian Penn 1;
Untitled Kristen Dill 15;
Self Portrait Ken Wong 20;
Last Train for the Coast Deb Essex 28;
Manipulated Randomness #1 Mark Poe 31;
Whether or Knot Brian Quinlan 34;
Art Deco Band Shell Kristin Dill 38;
The Volcano Room J. D. Larson 40;
Insanity Jeremy Caniglia 60;
Summer 1990 Cindy Gould 64;
Untitled #2 Christopher L. Adams 66;
Untitled Tamara A. Lee 77;
Untitled J. D. Larson 91;
Hell I Doug Meythaler 103;
Hell II Doug Meythaler 104;
Untitled Martha Smith cover


Adams, Christopher L.; Birmingham, Elizabeth; Caniglia, Jeremy; Dill, Kristin; Essex, Deb; Goche, Peter P.; Gould, Cindy; Grace, Jennifer; Gulick, Angela; Hanstedt, Paul; Jones, Gwendolyn; Larson, J.D.; Lee, Tamara A.; Meythaler, Doug; Mooney, Amy; Morganstein, Linda; Penn, Adrian; Poe, Mark; Quinlan, Brian; Rasmussen, Terry; Safdie, Oren; Satrom, Ellen; Schweda, Chirs; Smith, Martha; Smith, Monica; Snethen, Christopher; Wendel, Tara; Wong, Ken


LH1 Sk3 v. 56


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


1991 Spring


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