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Henry A. Wallace

Henry A. Wallace


Henry A. Wallace


Graduation portrait of Henry A. Wallace. Son of Henry C. Wallace and friend of George Washington Carver. Wallace remembered Carver with appreciation: "Because of his friendship with my father and perhaps his interest in children George Carver often took me with him on botany expeditions, and it was he who first introduced me to the mysteries of plant fertilization. He seemed to have a great sympathy with me... Later on I was to have an intimate acquaintance with plants myself, because I spent a good many years breeding corn. Perhaps that was partly because this scientist, who belonged to another race, had deepened my appreciation of plants in a way I could never forget. Certainly because of his faith I became interested in things that today give me a distinct pleasure. I feel I must pay him this debt of gratitude." Henry A. Wallace was a 1910 graduate of Iowa State. After graduation, he farmed and wrote for Wallace's Farmer. He took over as the magazine's editor when his father became Secretary of Agriculture. He also founded the Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn Company in 1926, launching the first commercial production of hybrid seed corn. In 1932, Wallace was selected as Franklin D. Roosevelt's Secretary of Agriculture, a position held until 1940, when he was elected as Roosevelt's third term Vice President. He was not chosen as Vice President for Roosevelt's fourth term, but was selected as Secretary of Commerce. He held this post until 1946. At that time, differences with then President Harry S. Truman over U.S.-Soviet relations forced Wallace's dismissal. After an unsuccessful run for President in 1948 on the Progressive Party ticket, Wallace retired from public life. He spent the rest of his years pursuing his interest in plant hybridization. Neg. # 2332




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circa. 1909


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