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Letter from President Wilson to Catt, June 7, 1918

Letter from President Wilson to Catt, June 7, 1918


Letter from President Wilson to Catt, June 7, 1918


The White House
7 June, 1918

My dear Mrs. Catt:
May I not thank you for transmitting to me the very interesting memorial of the French Union for Woman Suffrage addressed to me under the date of February first, last. Since you have been kind enough to transmit this interesting and impressive message to me, will you not be good enough to convey to the subscribers this answer:
I have read your message with the deepest interest and I welcome the opportunity to say that I agree without reservation that the full and sincere democratic reconstruction of the world for which we are striving, and which we are determined to bring about at any cost, will not have been completely or adequately attained until women are admitted to the suffrage, and that only by that action can the nations of the world realize for the benefit of future generations the full ideal force of opinion or the full humane forces of action. The services of women during this supreme crisis of the world’s history have been of the most signal usefulness and distinction. The war could not have been fought without them, or its sacrifices endured. It is high time that some part of our debt of gratitude to them should be acknowledged and paid, and the only acknowledgment they ask is their admission to the suffrage. Can we justly refuse it? As for America, it is my earnest hope that the Senate of the United States will give an unmistakable answer to this question by passing the suffrage amendment to our federal constitution before the end of this session.
Cordially and sincerely yours,
Woodrow Wilson
Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt,
International Woman Suffrage Alliance.


Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924


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