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Sketch v. 75, n. 1, Fall 2010

Sketch v. 75, n. 1, Fall 2010


Sketch v. 75, n. 1, Fall 2010


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
FICTION; Daughters of Edward Darley Boit Kestrel Henry pg13; Reverie Baylee Rees pg19; In Passing Cody Kuntz pg 21; Hero Heather Deaton pg 26; Berries in Winter Rachel Routier pg 31; Swirls Rachel Routier pg 42; Spiral Staircase Rachel Cramer pg 47; Barbie Revolution Ashley Schmuecker pg 49; Longing Rachel Mary Wright pg 58; Thin Ice Jacob Harvey pg 68; The Essentials Ryan Pesch pg 74; NONFICTION; Invisible Horde Jason Arment pg 83; Tough Guy Jason Arment pg 89; Birthday Hunting Carolyn Ries pg 92; How to Be Jealous of a Duck Carolyn Ries pg 97; Frogs Ryan Pesch pg 102; Stuff(ed) Ryan Pesch pg 103; The Dying of the Light Ryan Pesch pg 107; POETRY; The Floor Caitlyn Warner pg 110; Sore Ryan Pesch pg 111; Mint Green Tea Jason Parry pg 112; Cemetary Patrick Cooney pg 113; Pretty Girl Patrick Cooney pg 114; Bound Joshua Tenney pg 115; The Static Joshua Tenney pg 116; Viewing the Back of My Head Matthew Hurley pg 117; The Decay of an Enchanted Island Xavier Navarro pg 118; Mammoth Blue Matthew Hurley pg 120; Listening to Joanna Newsom Matthew Hurley pg 121; VISUAL ARTS; Watch Your Step Anna Holland pg 12; And She Cracked Kait McKinney pg 24; Drowning Zach Halma pg 33; Hay Bales Alyssa Frandsen pg 37; Natural Beauty Karl Letsche pg 43; Life's Clematis Anna Holland pg 46; Dakota Shadows Andreas Frick pg 56; A Web of Pearls Kait McKinney pg 62; Gun Oil Zach Halma pg 68; Gold Leafed Caitlin Johnson pg 74; Sunset Karl Letsche pg 77; Water Pebbles Kait McKinney pg 80; Trumpet Player Courtney Gaskins pg 84; Water Bomb Kait McKinney pg 88; Cox Creek Anna Hollan pg 97; Reflection Andreas Frick pg 101; Reflections of Relations Alyssa Frandsen pg 107; Seattle Parking Caitlin Johnson pg 112; The Fly and the Prairie Leaves Anna Holland pg 116; Thirty-three Eyes Anna Holland pg 121; Sherlock/Underground Jessica Monk pg 124; Windmills in Iowa Kristine Keil pg 126; Ada Haden Anna Holland pg 132; We Will Become Silhouettes, Too Lauren Frandsen pg 133; Bug on Wall Jessica Monk pg 134


Arment, Jason; Cooney, Patrick; Cramer, Rachel; Deaton, Heather; Frandsen, Alyssa; Frandsen, Lauren; Frick, Adreas; Gaskins, Courtney; Halma, Zach; Harvey, Jacob; Henry, Kestrel; Holland, Anna; Hurley, Matthew; Johnson, Caitlin; Keil, Kristine; Kuntz, Cody; Letsche, Karl; McKinney, Kait; Monk, Jessica; Navarro, Xavier; Parry, Jason; Pesch, Ryan; Rees, Baylee; Ries, Carolyn; Routier, Rachel; Schmuecker, Ashley; Skeers, Cory; Tenney, Joshua; Warner, Caitlyn; Wright, Rachel Mary


Archives LH1 Sk3 v. 75, n. 1


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


2010 Fall


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