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Processing butter, 1915

Processing butter, 1915


Processing butter, 1915


This photograph, taken in1915 in the creamery, depicts a group of students processing butter. They are shown working with the motorized butter churns and wooden butter tubs. The churn agitates cream, bringing together its fat globules into lumps of butter, and leaving behind a liquid called buttermilk. A series of milk cans, used to transport milk from the milking parlor to the processing area, appear on the right. All of the students are dressed in the traditional white jacket and trouser uniform used in the dairy industry.
The first coursework specifically on dairying was offered at the Iowa Agricultural College in 1880 and included instruction on the breeding and care of dairy cows, milk composition and production, and manufacturing of cheese and butter. In 1890, the Iowa Agricultural College Board of Trustees approved the building of the College creamery and the beginnings of a dairy program. The Department of Dairying was established in 1898 and included: a four-year course, a one-year course, a winter course, and a summer course. Graduate work was first offered in 1911. The name of the department changed to the Department of Dairy Industry in 1928, then to the Department of Dairy and Food Industry in 1957. In 1961, it became the Department of Dairy and Food Industries and in 1969, the name and curriculum were changed to the Department of Food Technology. In 1990, the department merged with the Department of Food and Nutrition to form the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.


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