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Sketch v. 67, n. 2, Spring 2003

Sketch v. 67, n. 2, Spring 2003


Sketch v. 67, n. 2, Spring 2003


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
My Line Coordinator Kathy Had a Garden Like I Had a Garden in the Factory Marianna Jensen 14;
Cigarettes in a Kitchen Kristin Stoner 23;
I Remember the Peonies Marianna Jensen 34;
I, Feminist Alexis Smith 50;
My Mother's Bunion Kristin Stoner 51;
I am a Cat in the Heat Marianna Jensen 63;
The Cicada Kristin Stoner 65;
Final Meeting Margaret Okere 70;
I had this dream and... Chad Winterle 72;
When Love Comes Like a Daughter Margaret Okere (Caplan Prize Winner) 82;
Amused Nicole Frank 8;
A Rebecca Doesn't Hold Her Breath Nora Wendl 15;
Conquistador Dennis Thompson 21;
The Bull Dancer Matt Abbott 59;
Normal Katie Brown (Caplan Prize Winner) 66;
The day it happened, she was wiping fingerprints from
the wall Nora Wendl 74;
Bass Phillip Ross 12;
Speckled Leaves Adam Patridge 13;
False Pretensions Bethany Clark 20;
Untitled Kara Hedge 24;
Burned Alive Bethany Clark 33;
Helpless on My Own Sarah Fackrell 39;
Changing Pamela Russell 40;
Abstraction of Sculptor 1 Matthew Bonsall 49;
Diptych #1 Pamela Russell 52;
Release Bethany Clark 58;
Advent of Consciousness Ronald Barrett 62;
Tin Toy Bethany Clark 64;
Falling Beth Stevenson 71;
Inverted Progress Matthew R. Jones 73;
Frosty Fence Adam Patridge 80;
Beautiful Feet Sarah Fackrell 83;
When I Woke Up Brandon Babcock 25;
How to be Stu Gunn (Instructions for the Right Hand Only) Nora Wendl 35;
Perspective of an Ignorant Luke Rolfes 41;
Kids' Night Out Denise Kamm (Caplan Prize Winner) 52


Abbott, Matt; Babcock, Brandon; Barrett, Ronald; Bonsall, Matthew; Brown, Katie; Clark, Bethany; Fackrell, Sarah; Frank, Nicole; Hedge, Kara; Jensen, Marianna; Jones, Matthew R.; Kamm, Denise; Okere, Margaret; Patridge, Adam; Rolfes, Luke; Ross, Phillip; Russell, Pamela; Smith, Alexis; Stevenson, Beth; Stoner, Kristin; Thompson, Dennis; Wendl, Nora; Winterle, Chad


LH1 Sk3 v. 67, n. 2


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


2003 Spring


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