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Sketch v. 67, n. 1, Fall 2002

Sketch v. 67, n. 1, Fall 2002


Sketch v. 67, n. 1, Fall 2002


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
How You Came to Live After She Abandoned You With Soy Sauce by P. Kim Bui 10;
Rising to Recovery by Adam Jonas 12;
Running Through a Field on a Saturday Morning by Peter Van Zante 14;
Highway 6 by Peter Van Zante 20;
Junk Mail by Zachary Herrnstadt 22;
Ex-Girlfriends and Empty Bottles by Pete Karagianis 23;
Empty Belongings by P. Kim Bui 27;
The Garden by Tara Goedjen 33;
The Glass Blower by Amy Clark 38;
Field Dance by Zachary Herrnstadt 39;
The Waterfall, Wind River Range, Wyoming by Mary Henson-Saunders 51;
Seasonal Journey by Valerie Kolbinger 54;
A Week Before the End by Sarah Bolton 55;
Morning After by Zachary Herrnstadt 57;
Disclosure by Margaret Okere 58;
Lessons Learned by Sarah Bolton 60;
She Has To by Lisa Marsh 65;
Smoke Damage by Amy Clark 66;
Committed by Amy Clark 67;
Numb by Adam Graaf 8;
Water on Wax by Shae Coffman 24;
Timing by Shanley Jacobs 34;
VoiceOver by Shanley Jacobs 70;
Creative Nonfiction;
Chick Midway by Jan Fitzpatrick 15;
Sunday by Pete Karagianis 30;
Diary of a Desert Storm by Shawn Haake 40;
Birth Control by Heather Lenae Shirley 62;
Watching the Night by Joshua Borchert 7;
Untitled by Ellen Daly 11;
Dust and Iron by Phillip Ross 15;
Eerie Nights by Kathryn Leth 21;
The Elevator Shaft by Joshua Borchert 29;
Benny's Obsession by Kathryn Leth 37;
Youthful Spirit by Kari Loehndorf 52;
Circles and Lines by Phillip Ross 53;
Untitled #7494 - 021 by Brad Lee Bonner 56;
Untitled #7495 - 002 by Brad Lee Bonner 59;
S&G Go 33 1/3 by Phillip Ross 64;
Untitled # 1102 - 012c by Brad Lee Bonner 69;
Untitled by Laura Jonas 78


Bolton, Sarah; Bonner, Brad Lee; Borchert, Joshua; Bui, P. Kim; Clark, Amy; Coffman, Shae; Daly, Ellen; Fitzpatrick, Jan; Goedjen, Tara; Graaf, Adam; Haake, Shawn; Henson-Saunders, Mary; Herrnstadt, Zachary; Jacobs, Shanley; Jonas, Adam; Jonas, Laura; Karagianis, Pete; Kolbinger, Valerie; Leth, Kathryn; Loehndorf, Kari; Marsh, Lisa; Okere, Margaret; Ross, Phillip; Shirley, Heather Lenae; Van Zante, Peter


LH1 Sk3 v. 67, n. 1


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


2002 Fall


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